Release version:    IC V6.2

Release date:         2021-10-19


  • [IC-873] - Don't display manually assessed tasks on assessors to do list

Manually assessed tasks have been removed from the assessor's to do list as requested

  • [IC-870] - Facilitators attendance percentages are incorrect

Facilitator percentages shows 100% even though the attendance registers shows false for some attendees


  • [IC-846] - Check that time and attendance sms's is sent each month

On the second day of each month we will audit the number of sms messages sent to the number of enrolments in any of the following statuses: 

  • Approved,
  • Campus Approved Final Approval Pending,
  • Campus Vetting Attending Classes status

If the percentage is less than 90%, an email notification will be sent to Picksmart support to inform them of a potential issue

  • [IC-869] - Prevent multiple T&A docs being created for same event

Improves have been made to prevent duplicate T&A docs being created for the same attendance event.