Release date: 2021.08.27

The following tickets were included in this iCollege release version:


  • [IC-797] - Induction cover pages time out

Improvements have been made to ensure the page does not time out any more.

  • [IC-851] - Image crop not working on Prod

This fix was released to production earlier in the month. Some Cloudflare setting had to be changes to allow saving the new image.

  • [IC-855] - Time and Attendance attachment not created

Improvements were made to the existing function to process the back dated items in smaller batches to ensure all records are processed.

New Features:

  • [IC-848] - Report - Manual iPEOPLE Tasks

The report will include each students details and answers to the manual tasks, as well as a scanned copy of each completed manual task. Note that this report is only available to two specified users

  • [IC-853] - Online Applications closed for current year

A new preference was created to allow/block registrations for the current year

  • [IC-854] - Report - 2021 POE’s scanned

New report was created, which includes the unit standards as requested


  • [IC-833] - Student Portal error handling (UX Improvement)

Fields will be underlined in red to inwhich have thrown an error on the Student Signup Portal.

  • [IC-845] - Update unit standards on enrollments

Enrollments with the following statuses have been included in the scheduler that ensures that all unit standards have been generated:

  • Cancelled
  • Pending Assessing And Moderation
  • Campus Approved Final Approval Pending
  • Campus Vetting Attending Classes