Here follows a summary of tickets included in the following iCollege version release:

IC V5.1

Release date - 2021.08.02

POPI Compliance:

In order to ensure the system information comply with the requirement of the regulations relating to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) we have implemented the following:

All personal information like student ID number will be "masked" using *'s to replace some of the values. To view the value you have to click on the eye icon. This will unmask the field for a few minutes in order for you to finish what you needs to do on the entry.

Each field can be unmasked on its own.

New features:

IC-819 - Limit intake dates on specific courses

You now have the ability to limit the intake months for specific courses. E.g. Limit intake for Project management to only allow intakes in the first few months of the year.

Please refer to Limit intake dates on specific courses for more detail.

IC-834 & IC-835 - Time and Attendance and Signatures  

  • Student signature: 

In order to retrieve student signatures we created functionality to get all  the active students' 5th page of their LDC document.  This is the page where the signature is most clear on most of the sign up documents.

iCollege staff needs to work through these documents and crop the signatures for storage on the student. For more info on how to do this refer to Retrieve student signature.  

  • Time and Attendance scanned in before Jul 2021
            All the Time and attendance documents that were scanned in before Jul 2021 is now moved to the new structure.
  • Auto Generate Time and Attendance: 

As soon as the verification of signatures mentioned above is done, iCollege must let Picksmart know in order to generate Time and attendances from March 2021 for all student activities. For more detail on auto generation of Time and attendance refer to V4.34  release notes IC-825.

IC-841 - Ad hoc student attendance / activity 

As requested on we added the ability to record Ad hoc student activity. This is to record a student coming in to the campus for any reason other than attending a scheduled class, e.g. collecting study material or attending tutoring sessions, etc.

The detail of the visit can be recorded on the Student activity entry. This will ensure that the student will not receive a compliance notice if he/she has ad hoc activity.

For more detail refer to Student Ad hoc activity / attendance  

IC-837 - Proof of SETA registration  

As requested on you can now attach the SETA registration document on an Enrollment. This change include the following:

  • We added Proof of Registration at SETA Enrollment attachment type
  • We also added a cover page for easy upload of this attachment type
  • This cover page can be printed in bulk similar to the other Enrollment attachment types. 
  • When uploading this attachment type to an enrollment the Registered at SETA tick box on the Enrollment will be auto ticked. 

IC-744 - LQA 2020 Reports  

Reports were setup for LQA for student detail per unit standard for all 2020 students. 

There is a separate report for each course otherwise reports gets too large.

These reports will be emailed to Karen on 23rd of each month.


IC-843 - Remove class group on Enrollment end date   

Denice requested that we remove the class group from all inactive Enrollments. We have implemented the following:

  • As part of the monthly scheduler that changes the enrollment status after the enrollment end date, also remove the class group from the enrollment. 
  • When a student status of cancelled is created also remove the class group from the enrollment.
  • Removed class group from all enrollments which have passed their enrollment end date already or is cancelled.


IC-808 - Reports on iPeople tasks   

Reporting on ipeople tasks has been difficult in the past since there are so many iPeople tasks and the reports does not want to generate.

Although no change from the front end we changed the way the iPeople tasks are saved and this should make it easier to report.

IC-839 - Bulk print of iPeople manual task cover pages

We added functionality to be able to print the cover pages for iPeople manual task for all students in the lecture. To Do this click on the Manual iPeople tasks Cover pages button on the lecture:

Bug Fixes:

IC-838 - Report: Students documents not yet uploaded


We fixed the Student documents not yet uploaded report which had an issue that not all students who still needed documents where included before.