This article provides more information regarding iPeople tasks done by students

Tasks done in iPeople app

  • Upon registering on the iCollege system a student receives and sms to register on the iPeople app. 

  • Each evening iCollege retrieves the tasks completed and approved in the iPeople app and store these on the enrollment of the student. 

Note: We link the iPeople tasks and student in iCollege by using the ID number of the student.


The ipeople tasks can be viewed by clicking on the iPeople Tasks list button on the Enrollment:

Manual iPeople tasks

In some cases practical tasks are completed and handed in to the campus. In this case these can be scanned in to the student profile and will reflect as an iPeople tasks on the student enrollment. To do this follow this process:

  • Go to the Student Enrollment in the iCollege system and scroll to Enrollment actions.

  • Click on iPeople Manual Task and then click on the Download iPeople manual task cover page button 

  • Print the cover page and then scan in the iPeople task with the cover page as the 1st page of the scan. The scan should be sent to the campus crawler email address.

  • The system will then create an iPeople task on the enrollment with Event TYpe "Manual iPeople tasks"

  • And the task attachment will be saved as an Enrollment Attachment with type Ipeople Manual Task: