Here follows a summary of tickets included in the following iCollege version release:

IC V4.34

Release date - 2021.06.30

New features:

IC-826 - Sign Time and Attendance via link

The system will automatically send a link to active students on the first workday of a each month.

A student is considered to be active if the enrollment is in any of the following statuses:

  • Approved,
  • Of Campus Approved Final Approval Pending,
  • Of Campus Vetting Attending Classes status

SMS wording:  : iCOLLEGE Program: Dear ${student.firstName} ${student.lastName}, please click on the link to sign your Time and Attendances which needs to be submitted to your employer. Your PIN is: <pin> <link>

The link will take student to portal where he/she can view the document and sign it.

IC-825 - Create time and attendance document automatically

The system will Automatically create a Time and attendance documents for a student on the following events:

  • When electronic attendance is ticked. 
  • If any general document is attached to a student .
  • When a Unit standard is scanned in and attached to the student enrollment.


As instructed by iCollege we will use Signature of student where he/she signed another document. The signature to use:

  • First check if the student have signed a Time and attendance doc online before. If so then use that signature
  • If no such signature found then check if any other document has been signed online and use that signature
  • If still no signature found check the Student attachment for a document type "Signature" that has been verified.  (this will be done in IC-824)
  • Otherwise generate the Time and attendance without a student signature.

IC-828 - Manual iPeople task

Some ipeople tasks are submitted manually on paper and not through the app. Icollege would like to record these type of manual tasks.

You are now able to download cover page for manual ipeople tasks

When uploading this attachment (via crawler) automatically create a ipeople task and link it to the 

attachment which is saved under Enrollment attachments with type "iPeople manual task"

Event type should be "manual task submitted"  

Event date is be the upload date.

Include this task type in ipeople compliance.

IC-829 - New dashboard report

We created a dashboard report with list all the students with compliance statuses and / or ipeople compliance with the following detail per student:

  • last lecture attended   
  • Last PEO submitted 
  • Last ipeople task done



UI improvements  

  • Menu Compliance Call List:
The Induction cover page was moved to the Onboarding Enrollment Action

  • Menu Vetting Document:
We moved Verify Student Attachments as well as Unallocated Documents menu item under a new menu item Vetting Documents

  • Menu Compliance Call List:
    We also moved the Compliance call lists to it's own menu item

    IC-827 - New Time and Attendance entity

    We moved Time and Attendances to be more visible on an enrollment:

    There are different types of Time and Attendances:

    • Manual upload (use this type if the time and attendance is uploaded via barcode crawler or uploaded manually)
    • Signed online (use this type if the time and attendance is created when a student signs on the online portal (refer to IC-826))
    • Lecture attendance  (use this type if the time and attendance is created automatically when a student attends a lecture)
    • POE uploaded (use this type if the time and attendance is created automatically when a student POE is uploaded)
    • Student attachment uploaded (use this type if the time and attendance is created automatically when a student general document is uploaded and when the attachment is verified)

    We changed the download from employer to bring back time and attendances loaded on this entity.

    Please note: All the Time and attendances already scanned in to the previous structure will be moved to the new structure in the next release.

    All other processes still stay the same, such as the download of the cover page to scan in a time and attendance.   

    IC-822 - Submit button description in Lecture attendance portal 

    On Lecture attendance portal we change the description of the submit button from Submit Absent Students to Submit list.

    The list refers to students who attended the lecture but is not displayed in the attendance list. 

    As soon as you submit this attendance lecture an email is generated and send to the campus administrator to go tick the attendances of the students listed at the bottom. 

    The campus administrator then should check why the students were not included in the list and fix the attendances for the student. 

    IC-823 - Track who submitted Attendances 

    When Lecturers submitted attendance from the "portal" we could not easily track who submitted the attendance. We changed this process so that we will save the lecturer name on the update of each student attendance.

    IC-761 - Merge Guardian and Next of Kin on student

    There is currently both a next of kin field and a Guardian entity on Student. There only needs to be one or the other. 

    We remove guardian entity with all the information stored in the guardian fields and move any existing info to Next of kin fields.

    Bug Fixes:

    IC-817 - Bulk Approve future pending students 

    We fixed a bug in the Bulk Approve future pending students (which is normally run at the end of each year). There seems to be a number of cases where 2 Approved statuses were created with the bulk approve. This error did not have any real affect on anything, but might have created problems with reporting going forward.

IC-817 - Bulk Approve future pending students 

            We fixed a bug in the Student that needs to be approved report. The last attendance date field was not displayed                    correctly, now it is fixed.