This article sets out the process of allocating Time and Attendance documents from the unallocated document list if the barcode on the document could not be read automatically.

  • Open the document from the Unallocated list.

  • Select Student Attendance as Type and then click on Time and Attendance bar:

  • Search for the lecture where this Time and attendance was submitted by entering the date of the lecture. PLEASE NOTE: the date format must be YYYY-MM-DD

  • Alternatively you can also search for the lecture by entering the course name followed by a % and the the date of the lecture.


  • Select the correct lecture from the list 

  • After selecting the lecture a list of all the student allocated to the lecture will be displayed. Search for the student in the list and select the student enrollment in the list

  • Select the pages of the document that needs to be allocated

  • After doing so click on the "Save/Allocate" button



  • When the whole document is completed click on the "Go back to unallocated list".


This will bring up a pop up message to confirm if the user is completely done with the allocation.  After confirming it will redirect to the "Unallocated Student Packs" list.