This article explains how to download Time and Attendance documents for all students linked to an employer 

  • Open the Employer page and click the Bulk update student employment button

  • Select the students for which the Time and attendance must be generated and click on the Download selected student Time and attendance 
  • A zip file will download 
  • Please note: it might take a while for the zip file to download
  • In the zip file there will be a folder for each student selected. The folder name is the student ID number
  • Within each folder there will be folders created for each month where the student did submit at least one Time and attendance.
  • Please note
    • The system will only look for documents from the enrollment intake date (i.e. start date) up to enrollment end date. 
    • No folder will be created for month's where there are no Time and attendance documents uploaded for the student enrollment.

Refer to Time and attendance upload for steps on how the Time and attendance must be uploaded on a student enrolment