This article explains how to generate cover pages for Time and Attendance for students in the lecture.

Search for the lecture in the system:

  1. Log into the system
  2. Go to the lecture which you want to do the electronic attendance for. i.e. Navigate to Facilitators → Lectures 

  3. Search for the lecture in question.

    *PLEASE NOTE: If you do not get the results you are looking for do a deep search. Do this by typing in a key word in the search window, click on the arrow next to the search button and selecting the "Deep search" option

Open lecture in system and download cover pages

  1. Open the lecture by clicking on the arrow on the right hand side:
  2. Click on the Time and Attendance Cover Pages button  
  3. A zip file will generate containing all the cover pages for all students in the lecture.  
  4. Please note, it might take a while to generate.
  5. After generating the zip file, click on the file to open and view or print the cover pages for all the students  

Scan all Time and attendances 

  1. After printing all cover pages, put the cover page for each student in front of the Time and Attendance form they completed in the lecture.
  2. Scan all these documents and email to the crawler email address (already setup on the scanner). 
  3. PLEASE NOTE: Do not scan more than 10 student's documents together in one scan. Rather scan in different scanned documents.
  4. The time and attendance will be allocated to the student attendance: