This article shows how to use the Whatsapp Opt In functionality of iCollege.

  1. Go to Main Menu -> Students -> Whatsapp Opt In Upload Files
  2. Click on New Whatsapp Opt In Upload File
  3. Download the example file
  4. Open the file in Excel and fill in the column with the numbers that have opted for Whatsapp. Make sure the numbers all begin with +27, further formatting is not necessary.
  5. Save this document with a title of your choice.(Ctrl + Shift  + S)
  6. Click on Choose and select the saved document
  7. Once a document has been uploaded click Save and wait for the document to be processed
  8. The system will show any rows that failed to process with a message to show why. All the failed rows are put into their own file witch can be downloaded if necessary. 
  9. You will see the statuses of this upload below the document download option
  10. Below that there will be a button to take you to created Whatsapp Opt ins where you can see what opt ins were created and if an existing Student was found for each opt in
  11. This button will take you to a list similar to this:
  12. If any problems arise with this process and you need additional assistance feel free to use the Help in the bottom right corner

Congratualations! You now know how to use the Whatsapp Opt In functionality of iCollege.