This article will set the process of changing a course of a student

Changing of course on an enrollment is only allowed up to working days after the students first attendance. 

This working days are set in the global preference. This days can be changed but need to be requested by head office.

If a student is already Approved in the system and the student wish to change his / her course:

  • Go to the Enrollment in question and create a new Enrollment status of Vetting: Change course
  • After this new status has been created the course can be changed on the existing enrollment.
  • NB: DO NOT create a new Enrollment, but change the course on the existing enrollment.
  • The employment will not be cancelled when the student Enrollment is still in Vetting: Change course status
  • However, after an Enrollment was in Vetting: Change course Status for more than 30 days the status will automatically changed to Cancelled. 
  • As soon as the student Enrollment Status is changed to cancelled the employment status will change to Pending removal from employer.
  • Head office can monitor these student employments and either approve the removal by creating an Inactive status or reject it by creating a Active status on the student employment.
  • The following report was setup to monitor this: Employment: Pending REMOVAL from Employer.