This article explains how to update the class groups on student Enrollments

All approved students must have a class group. Otherwise the student will not be allocated to a class, will not receive his/her time table and will not appear on the attendance resister.  

To Allocate class groups to a student follow these steps:

  • Click on the icon and then choose Class groups to be updated option:

  • A list of all students for which class groups must be updated will be displayed. The list will be sorted according to course.
  • Go through the list and update all student enrollment groups by clicking on the Enrollment Created date field for the specific student:

  • The student Enrollment will open in another tab. Edit the enrollment by clicking on the Edit button:

  • Update the class group by selecting the top value in the displayed list. PLEASE NOTE: Only the class groups where there are space available will be displayed in the list.
  • Press save button

  • The student's class group is now updated and you can continue with the next entry in the list to update: