This article explains points to consider on the barcode crawler process so that documents can automatically be attached in iCollege.

Printer / Scanner settings

  • Please ensure that the printer as well as scanner quality is set to 300 dpi.
    • If the quality setting is less than that, then the barcodes might not be readable by the system.
    • If the quality setting is more than that, then the documents scanned in will be too large in size. This might result in a document which is too large for the mail box to receive or to process in the system.
  • The scan must be emailed to the crawler email box. Each campus have their own email account.

Scan document 

Please keep the following in mind when scanning a document:

  • Ensure that only one document type is scanned in with each scan. i.e. scan in different sign up documents for one student separately.
  • Ensure that the barcode is the first page of the scan.
  • The person scanning the document is responsible to confirm that the scan was successful.
  • The scan must be emailed to the crawler email box. This must be set as a setting on the scanner (refer above)
  • DO NOT SCAN IN A DOCUMENT MORE THAN ONCE. If you are unsure if a document was sent to the system successfully, please give at least a day before checking if the document is attached in the system. 

Processing of document in crawler email box

The system gets all attachments from all crawler email boxes and then put it in the queue to process it.

If the scan is a corrupt file we will send a email to indicate this.  

The campus must monitor these mails and ensure that this document is scanned in again. Refer to Barcorde Reader Corrupt files for more detail.

Processing speed / Check progress

The system processes approximately 1300 documents per day (scanned from all campuses). The processing speed depends on document and  may vary since different types of documents have different processing speeds. For example attendance registers are quick but POE’s takes longer to process.

If processing is slow on particular day please check the Barcode Progress Visibility Counter: to see how many documents are still in the queue to be processed. 

Failed documents

If no barcode could be identified on the document it will appear under Unallocated Documents.

Please note this might happen if there is no barcode scanned in or if the scan quality is NOT at 300dpi quality