In this Solution Article, we will guide you and explain how to upload the vetting student attending file to create student attendance for student that is attending without all documents.

  • In the Main Menu, select "Student", then under Student select "Vetting Student Attending Upload Files".

  • Click on the "New Vetting Student Attending Upload File" button:

  • A form will display to upload the template file:

  • To see a example file, the "Download example file" can be selected:


  • Once the file/template is uploaded click on the "Save" button.

  • The template will start processing showing a progress bar:

  • When template is successfully updated it will display "Completed post save tasks":

  • The Student Attendance will run in the background and will begin creating attendances for students that was in the template file:

  • Any failed rows will be counted and display and will also be generated in a result file attached to the uploaded file