This article will explain step by step how to upload a new assessment version on a Unit standard

1. Log into the iCollege system

2. Navigate to Unit standards sub menu item under Courses:

3. Enter the unit standard number you are looking for and click on search:

4. Open the Unit standard by clicking on the arrow:

5. Navigate to the course module that you would like to update:

Please note: You need to update the unit standard for each course module separately. 

6. Click on New assessment Version button:

7. Upload the file and save the changes:

 Enter a name of for the updated assessment version. E.g. Enter the unit standard number with the date at the end (see example below).

 Add the file from where it is saved on your local folder. PLEASE NOTE: There should be no bar-codes on the file that is uploaded. Bar-codes will automatically be generated by the system.

 Save the updates

The assessment is now uploaded and ready for use in the system.