Click on the setup.msi file to install application on your computer

 After installing the application and restarting your computer, open the application located on your desktop or start menu:

The login window will open and the Facilitator can login with their email:

After successfully logging in:

This windows form consists of 4 tabs:

  • Register Student (for Finger Prints)
  • Lectures 
  • Student Attendances 
  • Student

Register Student (for Finger Prints):

If a student did not register any fingerprints before, search for Student with the students RSA ID number by clicking on the search button

  • Students name and surname will display and on the right hand side if there are any finger prints registered.

**Note , plug in the fingerprint device into one of your computers USB ports.

Click on the Start Registration Process button to connect the finger print device.

An initialization message will appear, click on OK and then when device is successfully connected  a message will appear indicating that the device is connected. Click OK.

Select which hand and which finger the students wants to register.

After selecting hand and finger, click on the Capture/Register button.

An information message will prompt the student to scan finger 3 times in order to register the fingerprint. Then click on OK.

Scan the selected finger 3 times; after each scan the finger print will display until the 3rd scan has been taken. The 3 fingerprints are merged after the last scan and registered to the student. Then click on OK.

The finger print registered will display on the right and a different finger can now be registered, while following the same procedure

When done, click on the Finalize Button

An information message will indicate that the students finger print registration has been successful and the next student finger print can be registered.  Click on OK.

 **Note that the Start Registration Process button does not need to be clicked again to do registration for next student because the device is already in registration mode.


Click on the Lectures tab  to view all today's lectures for the logged in Facilitator:

To refresh the facilitators lectures for today the Refresh Lecture Info button  can be clicked.


To open the lecture in order to do capture attendance, click on the Open Lecture button. You can now view all students scheduled to attend the selected lecture.


Student Attendances 

A list will display of students attending the lecture, hence the device will disconnect so that attendance process can be initialized. 

To start the attendance process click on the Start Attendance Process Button.

An Initialization message will appear, click on OK for the device to connect. When the device is successfully connected  a message will appear to confirm it's status. Click on OK

The Scan Attendance Button will turn green to indicate that students can scan their attendance, click on the scan attendance button:


The student tab will be active with an information box. Please scan finger to confirm attendance.  Click on OK in order to start finger print scanning on the device.

If finger prints are matched successfully, the following message will display, click on OK.

The students detail will be displayed and attendance will be updated/confirmed.  

The next student can scan his/her finger print to confirm/update attendance.