This will allow the user to upload a excel file with new group numbers on them, to change the students enrollment class group in bulk.

For this to work, the file has to have a specific format, this format is the exact same as the excel file that is downloadable from the report with the title 'Approved 2019 Students without course group'

  • Open the menu tab and click on student to see the new button called 'Class Group Change Upload File'

  • Once opened, the new window will show a list of previously uploaded documents and the documents status
  • To upload a new document click on the 'New Class Group Change Upload File' button

  • The next window will allow you to choose a file to upload.

  • ¬†After doing so, click on the save button.

  • The document is now being processed and will display the results on the screen
  • Any records displayed in the top middle of the table will be because of wrong formatting or incorrect data

  • The bottom of the window will display a resulting file containing the students information and reason for why the row failed.