This Article will explain how to implement electronic attendance:

Get electronic link via system on the same day

If, for some reason, you are having trouble with the sms method, log onto the system (using the user name and password emailed to you).

    • Click on Today's Lectures:

    • All your lectures for the day will be displayed in a list. In order to get to the attendance register, click on the Attendance Link for the particular lecture.

*Please ensure that you choose the correct entry by looking at the Time, Course, Group and Classroom info displayed.

Submitting attendance on the link

After receiving the link you can continue with the submission of the attendance by doing the following:

When opening the link it will display the lecture and all students that are enrolled for the course/class and attendance can be done:

After marking which students attended the class, the submit button should be pressed and this will mark the lecture as attended

3. If the students attending is not part of the list, they can be manually added using their ID numbers, first -and last name: 

 Click on add student to register the students attendance:

4. When the list of students is added, click on the submit button. This will notify the campus admin that these students needs to be added to the lecturer.

*PLEASE NOTE: Only click on submit button once ALL the students are added.

Check if attendance have been submitted already

  1. Go to the dashboard and click on Instance Dashboard

2. Click on the blue figure for the results you are looking for (manual attendance submission can be viewed separately to electronic attendances)

3. Enter the date range you want to consider and click on Filter

4. All the lectures for the period selected where attendances were not submitted will be listed here. 

Submitting attendance when link not available

If you do not have the link available any more, e.g. a few days have passed after the lecture, submit attendance by doing the following: Submit Electronic attendance when link not available