Please Note:

This article shows how to move students from one campus to another. If this is done the student will not be view able by the current campus any more. 

Only administrators have access to this functionality.


If the student is moved to another campus by accident, you will have to contact the new campus and ask them to move the student back to the correct campus!

Class Groups:

If the student has a class group at the old campus, a new group has to be allocated to them after moving the person.

  • Select the student you want to move from the list of students
  • scroll down to above the students enrollment unit standards
  • to the right of the screen there will be a button called change student campus, above the scheduled lectures


  • clicking this button will open a window with a drop down asking to which campus the student should be moved to

  • click on the drop down and select a campus

  • after selecting the campus press the change campus button on the pop up

  • this will create another pop-up, asking if you are sure you want to re-allocate the student. pressing yes here will move the student to his allotted campus and place the user back in the student list