In this Solution Article, we will show you how the recruiter payments page works how to add recruiter payments.


  • Recruiters can use this page to see a list of payments due.
  • Recruiters will not have access rights to edit on the system. Any changes that need to occur have to be reported to H/O so they can edit the system


  • The New Recruiter Payment button can be clicked to add a payment to the list for a specific recruiter.

  • You will be taken to the New Recruiter Page where you can fill in the details for the new payment of the Recruiter
  • After you click save you will be taken to this Payment details

  • This page displays the payment data and payment status.
  • If progress is made concerning the payment, you can add a New Recruiter Payment Status

  • Here you can add the new status and save it to the specified Recruiter payment.
  • The status can only be New or Paid


  • There are two generate buttons, each producing an excel sheet.

  • The Generate Bank Payment File button creates an excel sheet of all the payments crucial data.
  • The payments on the excel sheet are all the payments due on the current day
  • This excel sheet can only be generated after 12:00
  • After a sheet is generated the Generate Bank Payment File button is disabled, only one Payment File can be generated per Friday

  • Generate eWallet Payment File also generates a excel sheet.
  • This excel sheet can only be generated after 12:00
  • Generate eWallet Payment File button is enabled when the payment date is today, latest status is new and recruiters payment preference is EFT