In the following solution article we will display the process of receiving consent from a student in order to perform an ITC Check.

Preference setting:

  • In the Preference setting we have added a setting called Consent Required.

 - None 

An ITC check can be ran without requesting/ receiving consent from the student to do so.

 - Main-Student

The student will receive an SMS requesting approval of an ITC check whereafter he/ she will be able to approve the credit check by replying "Yes" to the SMS.

Student Consent Requests:

  • Navigate to the Student Consent Requests by selecting it from the menu items

  • Here you will be able to see all the relevant Student Consent Requests  including the current status of each.
  • Use the Quick Filter to display Consent requests according to a specific status:

 - Completed

  1. This consent request has been sent out,
  2. consent has has been given by the student, and the
  3. ITC check has been run by the agent upon receiving approval.
  4. The system has also successfully updated the Student's relevant details according to the data received from the ITC check.

 - Consent-received

The student approved the Consent Request indicating that the Agent will now be able to run the ITC check.

 - Expired

In case no reply / consent has not been received the Consent request will expire - In this case you would need to re-send the Consent SMS to receive consent. 

 - Pending

 The consent request has been sent to the student and the system is currently waiting on the student's response.

ITC Check Process:

Step 1:

  • Ensure that your preference setting  is setup correctly 
  • As well as the Consent SMS Template

Step 2:

  • Click on on the dashboard
  • and fill in the student details, as displayed below.

  • Click on the Run Check on Student button.

Step 3:

  • An SMS will now be sent to the student - requesting consent for the ITC Check to be run.
  • The student will give consent by either clicking on the link in the SMS or by replying "Yesto the SMS.
  • As soon as the student has given consent - the status type of the Consumer Consent Statuses will update to Consent-received

Step 4:

Once consent has been given

  • Navigate into the relevant record displayed on the Consumer Consent Requests (menu item) as displayed earlier in the article.

  • Once you are in the record you will be able to see the following information:

Step 5:

  • To perform the ITC check - Click on the  button.
  • The Quick Capture Student screen will be displayed - simply accept the Terms & Conditions and click on to complete the ITC check.
  • The previously entered student details will already be pre-populated on this form.

After the ITC Check Process:

Once the ITC check has successfully been run:

  • In case the preference setting is ticked - The Student who the ITC check was done on will receive an SMS as confirmation that the check was done.
    If this preference setting is not ticked - Nothing will be communicated to  the Student upon successful ITC check.
  • The Student can navigate to the link provided in the Consent SMS (refer to Step 3) where he/ she will be able to download their ITC check file.

  • 7 Days after Consent has been given - the above mentioned file / link will expire - whereafter you need to re-send the Consent SMS to receive consent again.

  • In case no reply / no consent has been received the Consent request will also expire - whereafter you need to re-send the Consent SMS to receive consent.