One of the steps in the Student Vetting process is confirming with the student that he/ she wants to continue the vetting process. 

Feedback from student:

  1. Student confirms he/she will go through with studies
  2. Student confirms he/she does not want to go through with studies
  3. No answer
  4. Voicemail

1. Student confirms studies

If you phone a student and he/ she commits to go through with studies: 

On the student tick the "Student Called: Accepted" indicator.

2. Student rejects studies

If you phone student and he/ she is not interested any more:

Add cancelled status to student by doing the following:

    • click on new student status
    • choose cancelled type from the drop-down and add a valid reason under the comment section. (See below an example)
    • Press save

3. Student rejects studies

If student did not answer or you have reached the voicemail.

  • Add a new "student communication log" on the student by clicking on the New student communication log button


  • Add detail below and press save