In this article, we will explain the process of uploading Employer payments in bulk or individual payments.

Please note: this functionality will mainly be used by users with the IC_Employer_Admin access roll. 

Bulk upload of payment in bank statement 

  • Go to the Bordereau Payment Bank Statements menu option:

  • Click on the New Bordereau Payment Bank Statements button.

  • Upload the bank statement that reflects the employer payments and click on Save button

  • The system will allocate payments by looking for the unique Bordereau reference number to allocate the payments to the correct employer bordereau. i.e. where reference numbers where identifiable payments will be allocated to the employer bordereaus automatically.
    All the other payments in the file that could not successfully be allocated will appear in the Results file under Failed Rows
  • The bank statement which can be uploaded needs to be a a specific format (similar to the bank statement file upload for student payments) See below an example of this format:
  • Please ensure that the same file is not uploaded more than once, otherwise the same payment might be applied twice 

Reasons why employer payment did not allocate automatically 

  • Payment cannot be allocated correctly if the exact Bordereau reference number is used as reference for payment.
  • Payment will also not be allocated if the amount is not according to what we expected on the Bordereau.
    For example: the amount we expect on a bordereau is always indicated on the latest Employer Bordereau Transactions under the latest Employer Ledger Balance: 
    If the employer does not pay the exact amount if means that the employer probably does not have the same number of students on his payroll as we expect. Therefore if the amount paid is less OR MORE than what we expected we will not allocate this amount automatically on the Bordereau. I.e. further manual inspection / communication with employer is needed.

Individual employer bordereau payment upload

  • Go to the employer in question
  • Click on New Employer Payment Transaction.
  • Enter all details of the payment and click on Save
  • The Employer ledger balance will be updates accordingly.